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Logistics & Weather

When to go ?

You can travel all year round in Colombia, there is always have a pleasant weather due to the 10 diferents ecosystems present in the country.

The temperature is relatively stable by region, the rainfall varies with the seasons. Being just above the equator does not mean that the weather is constantly hot, as Colombia goes from snow to desert.

Rain is not really an obstacle for long trips because the showers usually do not last and you can escape the local microclimate in a day’s drive.

We are based in Medellin the city of eternal spring, and have the chance to enjoy the beautiful weather all year round in the pleasant Valle de Aburra. The driest months of the Andean region are from December to March and from June to August, months of May and October are the wettest.

We do not offer a refund due to weather conditions unless it’s a very special event who bring dangerous situation.

What do I need to rent a motorcycle?

– You’re passport

– A valid Driving Licence for Motorcycles (minimum 125 cc)

– A deposit

– A credit card

Are trips available for two people on the same Motorbike ?

Yes, all the motorcycle excursions that we propose are accessible to the duos. Depending on the requirements of the passengers and the group, we advise you on the choice of course and logistics. All the duos’ motorcycles are equipped with a second independent saddle and a padded backrest.

The Royal Enfield quickly gives pleasant surprises of comfort for the pilots as the passengers (eras). Low, coupleuse and well damped, it secures the crew. On a rhythm of a ride, she escorts marvelously and satisfies 95% of its users (trices) on roads as on tracks. During our “& nbsp; Raid Aventure & nbsp;” formulas, we always keep 2 places in the assistance vehicles to welcome passengers who wish to alternate between the motorcycle and the pick-up. For groups where there are more passengers, we always add an extra assistance vehicle.

What is the difficulty level ?

We have created different courses that adapt to the level of each driver. Thus, you can choose to travel on a track-dominated circuit or prefer the beautiful paved roads. You must have good physical fitness without being an athlete.

I do not pilot, can I follow the group in 4X4?

Our « Raid Aventure », we offer rental of additional vehicles to allow non-bikers to drive their own 4 × 4 and share the trip with the group. This option is ideal for everyone to experience at their own pace. You can also request the services of a driver to enjoy the comfort of the pickup in peace.

Who maintains the vehicles in a perfect state ?

The daily maintenance of our vehicles is carried out in our garages by our specialized mechanics. Our mechanics partners are present on the road with our riders for all our Adventure Raid Tours.

Who accompany the group ?

Riding Elements puts at your service a professional and experienced team from preparation to the end of your trip. On the road, you travel with a French-speaking guide who knows the terrain, a mechanic and a driver / logistics assistant. On all our Raid Aventure, we mobilize an assistance vehicle to carry luggage and mechanical parts. It can also accommodate a participant in his cabin and a motorcycle in case of failure in the bucket.

Can you drop the motorbike at my Hotel?

We can leave the bike at the place of your choice in the city of Medellin after all the needed papers are OK and for some fees.

Can I store some of my belongings at your agency during my trip?

Yes. We have a storage space available in our agency. Feel free to deposit as many things as you want to our place.

Vehicles and Equipment

What kind of clothes do I need to wear ?

Regarding long term rentals and if you can, we recommend you come with your classic motorcycle equipment. A good helmet, a mid-season jacket with a removable liner, 2 pairs of gloves, a pair of good shoes that cover the ankle, a full rain suit. For your comfort, always plan a thermal technical package and prefer mid-season clothing. Do not forget your muffler, a good pair of goggles, a hat and a high-index sunscreen. In 4X4: plan light and loose clothing. A pair of light walking shoes and a pair of tennis shoes.

How to transport my helmet on the plane ?

Most airlines can carry a helmet in cabin baggage. To make sure, contact your company.

What are the types of outlets / plugs in Colombia ?

In Colombia you will be given small adapters so that you can charge your devices on the 110V.

How many kilometers can I do ?

unlimited : enjoy the country’s roads !

Accommodations and Meals

Where will I sleep ?

The regions crossed offer a multitude of atmospheres, scenery and experiences. We pay special attention to the selection of accommodation. Our motto: “Get another idea of ​​comfort, privilege charm to luxury”. From the Finca de Medellin to the Indigo maloca through the lodge in the middle of the Amazon forest, the accommodations are selected for their authenticity, their cachet and their cultural interest. As far as possible, the agency selects accommodations that offer good WIFI connections every 48 hours at least (except in exceptional cases) You can also count on the 3G and 4G network present in the country.

What will I eat ?

Your guide always selects the best tables on the route. In full board, you choose your dishes à la carte (starter / main course / dessert / coffee) without restriction. Only alcoholic beverages are your responsibility. When the course allows and a beautiful place lends itself to it, we prepare full and abundant picnics with a wide choice (meat, house salad, cheese, dessert). For special diets like “gluten-free” or vegetarian, we take the lead and always offer an option.

Money and Formalities

When do I register and how ?

Soon as possible is better ! We limit to 8 the number of bikes on each start and the optimal climate window for each destination is reduced. By booking 10 to 12 months before departure, you put the odds on your side to travel on dates that suit you. To confirm your participation, a deposit of 30% of the total amount of your trip is requested by bank transfer. You must also send the necessary registration documents by e-mail to your advisor (copy of passport, driving license and information sheets).

Can I do my booking in advance?

We recommend that you do this to guarantee the reservation of the bike and the equipment. For this, we need the aforementioned documents and a deposit equal to 30% of the value of your reservation.

Why are you charging in US$ dollars?

The dollar is the currency of reference in the countries where we organize circuits. That’s why, to offer you the right price, our rates are displayed in US dollars. For real-time exchange rates: www.xe.com

Why do I need to post a deposit ?

Daily vehicle maintenance is supported by the organization. We always require a deposit before handing over the keys to a vehicle. In case of mechanical or aesthetic damage resulting from a fall or misuse of the entrusted vehicle, this sum may be retained in part or in full. Check out our CGV to know these conditions in detail. Its amount and form (cash or blueprint imprint) is specified on each detailed program and quote.

I travel alone, do I have to pay supplement for the Adventure Raid ?

Riding Elements offers rates on a double room basis, to share with another participant. To ensure you share your room with a companion who looks like you (non-smoker, non-snorer …), the best is still to find a friend with whom to leave. If you choose to leave alone and want to pay the basic fare, you will share your room with another traveler with whom we can put you in touch before the start of the trip. Nevertheless, it is always possible to opt for a single room, in which case you will have to pay the single supplement (indicated at the end of each detailed program).

What budget $ do I need on site ?

The extra budget is the one you will need to settle your alcoholic beverages, souvenirs, personal expenses and tips. To cover these costs, average US$30 / day / person in Colombia.

Can I use my credit card on site ?

In Colombia: the local currency is the Colombian Peso (COP). ATMs (VISA and MASTERCARD) are common.

What are the refunding conditions on the Adventure Raid ?

  • If canceled more than 60 (sixty) days before the start date of the trip, the full deposit will be refunded after booking fees of 250 US $ (two hundred and fifty US dollars).


  • If canceled more than 30 (thirty) days before the start date of the trip, 50% down payment will be refunded after deduction of a handling fee of 250 US $ (two hundred and fifty US dollars).


  • In case of cancellation made less than 30 (thirty) days before the date of the start of the trip, RIDING ELEMENTS will retain the full amount of the deposit as compensation for the costs incurred, and excludes the possibility of claiming additional damages, if necessary.


For more information, please read to our

What type of insurance should I subscribe ?

We do not offer personal insurance. All travelers must imperatively get assistance repatriation and support medical costs on site. Remember to check that your insurance covers motorized trips on the areas concerned. You can easily get it from your favorite insurer or call on companies that offer complete and effective packs (count between 60$ and 80$ / person).

What kind of insurances are provided by our agency ?

In case accident, motorcycles are insured by the third party (body and vehicle) by a national body. In these countries, all-risk insurance does not exist for motorcycles. You take care of the damage found on your motorcycle within the limit of the individual deposit.

What happens if I do a late return of the bike ?

We encourage you to be punctual even if we try to be as accommodating as possible. Let us know as soon as possible if you return the motorcycle outside the agreed duration or agreed opening hours. We offer out-of-hours returns for a small fee. If you fail to inform us of your situation, we will charge additional days at full rate, as well as late return fees.

What about Fuel and Cleaning ?

We rent clean bikes with a full tank and wait for them to be returned in the same condition. Gasoline is available everywhere in Colombia, a full fuel equivalent of about 25’000 COP, about 7 USD.

What about fines or traffic violations?

During the period of your rental, all infractions and fines will be directly related to your name and passport. We advise you to pay them before leaving the country if you do not want to have problems with Colombian customs and a fine with accrued interest.

What happens if I unfortunately damage the bike ?

Our highest priority is your safety, we are here to help you, so talk to us.

In case of a light accident, we suggest calling and we will evaluate the situation together. In case of a more serious problem, contact the service department or call us.

They will present themselves as quickly as possible with mechanical and / or medical assistance if necessary. Damage will be deducted from your security deposit.

What to do if my motorbike broke down ?

All our motorbikes are brand new and are the subject of frequent and thorough maintenance. If you break down, you can call us to get our assessment of the situation, but you basically have two solutions: either have it repaired by the local do-it-yourselfer (for a refund or not), or contact our helpdesk and wait for it towed or repaired.

Can I have a discount ?

Here are some of the arguments we are willing to take in consideration for a possible discount :

– you bring friends

– you produce excellent content (Photography, video, text …)

– you want to do volunteering work for us

– you want to map some of Colombia off the beaten track for us.

How does insurance work ?

We are the only rental company in Colombia to offer additional coverage on all our rentals in addition to mandatory SOAT insurance. This insurance gives you the following coverage:


Health care costs up to 13 million COP (about 4600 USD) as well as compensation in case of disability or death.


Total coverage of damages and liabilities, material or personal, vis-à-vis third parties.

Motorbike :

Covered for total loss. This policy also includes roadside assistance throughout the territory (repair, towing, accommodation).

We recommend having a travel supplement for your personal insurance just in case.

What is included in my rental contract ?

– a motorcycle with a full tank and its respective accessories

– a helmet of your choice certified NTC 4533

– mandatory insurance

– motorbike bags if needed

– valuable tips and recommendations on your itinerary

The Riding Elements agency looks pretty cool, can I collaborate with you ?

If you want to join the team or expand the brand, do not hesitate to send us a message we will be happy to listen to you.

Health and security

Why limit your groups to 8 pilots ?

Riding Elements wants to travel in small groups for obvious reasons of safety but also of comfort. Thus, the breaks on the way can be more numerous and the arrived in the villages more sympathetic for the inhabitants. The guide can also respond more favorably to your expectations during the trip, the atmosphere is family and the agreement between members of the group facilitated.

What vaccines to plan before leaving ?

Before each trip it is imperative to consult your doctor but also to ensure that you are in the best psychological and moral conditions. We recommend you to be vaccinated against: Yellow fever (only for tropical areas), Viral hepatitis A and B, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Poliomyelitis, Typhoid.

How to book my international flights ?

You are free to book international flights that suit you. Of course, we are at your disposal to show you the best flight plans and give you some “good tips” to choose the best options.

will you pick me up at the airport ?

For long term rentals we make it a point of honor to welcome you personally on arrival. It’s not a driver who picks you up at the airport but always a member of the team. Whether you arrive early in the morning or late at night, we are here to welcome you.

Is it dangerous to drive in Colombia?

s you may know, riding a motorcycle is inherently dangerous and driving in Colombia is no exception.

If you are talking about cartels, military roadblocks, dishonest cops, or rebel organizations, do not worry. While this is certainly not perfect, the country is the scene of one of the most impressive socio-economic turnarounds in recent history.

Colombians are some of the friendliest and most caring people in this part of the world and they are always happy to welcome you.

Some small areas are still controlled by potentially dangerous people or groups but we will warn you before letting you hit the road.

Driving in cities can be a hectic experience if you have never driven in a developing country, even if it is nothing compared to Southeast Asia.

Nevertheless, you must always drive as defensively as possible because the drivers are quite unpredictable. People here are accustomed to very liberal traffic rules and expect certain behaviors that we will explain and that will allow you to be as safe as possible on the road (overtaking, vehicle size, etc …)

Be assured that when you leave the big cities, the roads do not look like anything you’ve seen before, a real paradise for the ride. The only real danger, do not keep your eyes on the road as this country is full of beautiful scenery.

It's Colombia so can drive as I want !?

No. Colombia takes traffic law and regulation seriously and has a zero-tolerance policy with respect to driving while intoxicated. We strongly support the responsible conduct and recent initiatives of the Colombian authorities to enforce it. Of course, the country is still a little more relaxed than most Western countries. The main things to watch for are driving while intoxicated, speed and unauthorized parking. This can result in the impoundment of the motorcycle and the paperwork required to recover it.

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